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The Theophile Community Center is the outreach and program service arm of the Theophile Church of Brooklyn, New York. The name of the Church and the Center is based upon the given name or honorific Theophilus, an ancient Greek word which means “friend of God” or “love of God”.

The Center recognizes each participant’s potential and individuality. It’s central, governing principle is that all people have the capacity and desire to learn, contribute, and ultimately, succeed. Their mandate and mission is to provide a progressive, challenging and nurturing environment that will stimulate a love and thirst for knowledge and positive life experiences, and foster a desire to serve both local and international communities.

The Center fosters the belief that it is better to teach a person to fish than to give fish to the person. To that end, Center staff and volunteers aid individuals in building self-confidence and self-reliance while strengthening critical thinking, decision-making and communication skills. Ultimately, the Theophile Community Center is committed to developing a generation of independent thinkers and doers who understand that they must first build themselves so that they can be modern-day inheritors of the spirit of Theophilus.


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